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We enable companies to automate business processes with blockchain technology. Using decentralized applications on our platform, large organizations will become more efficient and profitable.

What is Fortacast?

The FORTACAST platform is a network of businesses and application providers. Companies utilize blockchain powered applications on the platform to securely handle transactions, accounting, auditing, financial reporting, and other essential data management processes.

Problems with Legacy Enterprise Systems

The production of financial data is labor-intensive and slow. Organizations use a patchwork of incompatible information systems, so the transfer of data is facilitated manually.

Corporate databases are not immune to manipulation and human error. Auditors rely upon statistical sampling, which provides an incomplete picture. In 2016, the estimated yearly cost of poor data quality was US $3.1 trillion in the U.S. alone.

The analysis of data varies by analyst, as these individuals differ in capability and susceptibility to biases, such as groupthink. This lack of consistency decreases the confidence that managers have in their decisions.

The Fortacast Solution

FORTACAST provides the first worldwide standard protocol to make different enterprise information systems compatible and facilitate the free flow of information. It will allow a network of decentralized applications to automate business processes, and organizations will benefit from faster transactions, access to real-time data analysis, and reduction in labor costs.

FORTACAST’s blockchain technology ensures the integrity, immutability, and security of each transaction. Rather than testing an incomplete sample of transactions, auditors will inspect the algorithms that manage data.

Specialized applications will employ self-learning data analysis algorithms and leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence to help clients make high-quality decisions and discover trends in the marketplace.

The FORTACAST incubator will accelerate the development of decentralized enterprise applications that are compatible and compliant. The ecosystem will support a wide array of applications to automate business processes in many industries, such as manufacturing, healthcare, finance, travel, human resources, education, and other public sectors.

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Fortacast Roadmap

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Team Fortacast